Knowledge Exchange

Working in an Alliance, we are able to encourage more users to benefit from our research. Through activities and events we have worked with stakeholders to identify the ‘real world’ challenges that face the built and natural environments and to establish pathways to solving them.

We take a ‘whole life’ approach to impact, engaging with users over the full course of research projects, including as advisory partners on Research Council-funded studies. We have worked with industry on solving particular business-led challenges, often through co-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), and with schools and educationalists on introducing children to design, construction and sustainable principles through practical workshops, symposia and live projects.

We have had an impact on more sustainable land use and equitable access to resources, particularly housing, and more inclusive access to buildings and public spaces for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We have also contributed to the development of better performing materials and buildings and better awareness of our existing building stock and heritage, its social and cultural importance and its potential to adapt and contribute to our low carbon future.

If you would like to get involved in our research then please contact us. We have a Research and Knowledge Exchange Office which can help.

John Brennan, Resilient Borders